Since May 28 we have a total blackout of telecommunications, due to an error by KPN. We cannot receive any phonecall and we have sporadic access to email. However our mobile is ready to receive your call or text message (SMS): +31 (0)620340820 Thank you for your understanding!
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Welcome to the site of Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation, the home of Shinto in Europe. We aim to introduce the ancient Japanese tradition of Shinto to the Western world. Since 1981 we have established a Shinto shrine in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dutch shinto master Paul de Leeuw MA has studied in 1979 in the Yamakage Shinto Shrine Kireigu, Aichi-ken, Japan where he received - as the first not-Japanese person -  the license of kannushi. He is officially entitled to perform shinto- ceremonies.
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