Due to the worldwide pandemic we will celebrate the first visit to our jinja (Hatsumode) in the next best way. (updated on December 15) 1. You may visit our Jinja in person with a small group (your household or family) not exceeding 5 persons. It is required to make a reservation for a timeslot, using this contactform. Before you choose your timeslot, kindly check the availability on the schedule below. (Green is free, red is occupied, grey is not recommended). When a timeslot is partially occupied, we recommend to choose another timeslot that is still empty. During your visit you can get an Omamori or Ofuda, write your wish on Ox-Ema or try your luck with Omikuji. 2. If you cannot visit in person, you may attend the Harae ceremony ONLINE. This ceremony starts at 10:00 and will be live-streamed on YouTube. For your convenience the live-stream will be available until 16:00. 3. Since you cannot attend in person the Grand Ceremony, we will post it ONLINE. For 15 years we had celebrated the Grand Ceremony in Hotel Okura Amsterdam, but regrettably this great and wonderful event had to be cancelled. The live-stream of the Grand Ceremony will be available from 16:00 - 17:00. 4. In the weekend of January 2 & 3 you may visit Holland Saigu in order to have Harae ceremony or Yakudoshi Harae, or to get your yearly omamori or ofuda. For details see the next page.
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Occupied Timeslot
Free Timeslot
First ceremony: ONLINE
Grand Ceremony: ONLINE
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Make a Reservation for your real visit to Holland Saigu
In the first weekend of January (2 &3) you may apply for a first year ceremony, (Yakudoshi) Harae. Please contact Guji directly by email to make an appointment.
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Not recommended, due to recent safety restrictions