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HATSUMODE 2015 Invitation for the New Year Ceremony You are cordially invited to attend the celebration of Hatsumode (the Seasonal First Visit to the Shrine) on New Year’s Day 2015 January 1 st  Venue: Hotel Okura Amsterdam Otter and Esperance Room Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 Amsterdam 04:00- 05:00 PM   Free entrance Donation appreciated Program: 15:30 Registration of guests 16:00 Shinto ceremony: Hatsumode 17:00 Naorai (congratulatory toast with sake) 18:00 End Please reply here before December 28 th  to confirm your attendance After December 28 th  you will receive a confirmation. Hatsumode is the seasonal first visit to the shrine in order to receive the pure blessings of nature. During New Year’s Day the guests of Hotel Okura have access to the Holland Shinto Shrine, which is temporarily built in the Otter and Esperance Room. Every hour shintomaster Paul de Leeuw will perform a purification ceremony exclusively for the families who are staying at the hotel. For information about staying in Hotel Okura, please check the Okura Oshogatsu Package 2015 or click here. Due to the gracious courtesy of Hotel Okura we have the pleasure to invite you to attend the Grand New Year Ceremony at 04:00 PM. We will celebrate the Grand Ceremony for the New Year for the 10 th  time. The ceremony will be performed by drs Paul de Leeuw, Shintomaster, assisted by Yurie Umamoto, Miko, while Naomi Sato will perform Gagaku music. At the reception desk you will find Omamori for personal protection or traffic safety and  Omikuji (fortune telling). It will be worthwhile to visit the temporary shrine on New Year’s Day.