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In this Newsletter: Shinto practice September 9 - November 26 Mo: 10:00-11:30 Tue: 19:30-21:00 Niiname Sai Sun November 24 15:00-17:00 hrs Shichi-go-san weekends November 9/10/16/17 Artikel Happinez about Shinto Dutch Newsletter click here
Shinto Practice Shinto aims at harmony of body – mind – nature. Shinto has developed a special series of exercises to create balance in daily life. The exercises improve deep breathing from the center, calmness of mind, enhanced awareness of nature. You can practice during our weekly courses Monday morning: 10.00-11.30 Tuesday evening: 19.30 – 21.00 Autumn course September 9 – November 26. Costs: 135 euro Payment by bank transfer: ING 5253193, St Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation, Amsterdam Or make an appointment for a special session. We offer a tailor-made program to improve HRM in your company. Read more. Shinto Ceremonies Ceremony of the Four Seasons Autumn Ceremony or Niiname Sai Sunday November 24 The ceremony is a thanksgiving ritual to be in harmony with the new season. Autumn is the season of harvest and the aim of the ceremony is to give thanks for the first fruits of the year. The original name for this ceremony is niiname sai, gratitude for the first rice. In the ancient tradition of shinto this has been considered as the most important ceremony of the year. You will receive your personal invitation in due time. Shichi-go-san Sat/Sun November 9, 10, 16 & 17 Children in Japan enjoy a special ceremony at the age of 3, 5 or 7 years. Around mid November the children and their parents visit the Shinto shrine. Originally it has been an initiation ritual. When babies are born, they still seem to live in the natural world. Gradually they become conscious of the social world while learning the necessary skills. The awareness of a pristine, natural world fades away and becomes part of mythology. By growing up we leave the magical world of childhood. This kind of ceremony, however, ensures that the child will keep in touch with nature and will grow up in health and prosperity. When your child is 3, 5 or 7 years, you may apply for a ceremony in the Holland Yamakage Shinto Shrine in Amsterdam. This ceremony lasts 20 minutes and costs € 50. You may already make your reservation by email. Shinto in the media Last June the mindstyle magazine Happinez has published an article about Shinto as a natural lifestyle. It contains also an interview with drs Paul de Leeuw, guji of Holland Yamakage Shinto Saigu. You may see the DUTCH article on our site.

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