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Celebration of 30 Years Shinto in Europe 2011 September 22 Grand Ceremony with Gagaku in the City Hall of Amstelveen Program: Speeches by Mr Jan van Zanen, Mayor of Amstelveen and Prof Dr Harmen Beukers, chairman of the Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation Gagaku performed by: Naomi Sato (shou), Yu Oda (hichiriki), Daniel Smith (ryuteki) Shinto Ceremony performed by Drs Paul de Leeuw, Guji of the Holland Yamakage Shinto Shrine and Emiko Chujo, Miko The ceremony has been attended by the Honorary Consul of Japan, the Chairman of Japanese Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor of Amstelveen, the Representative of the Mayor of Amsterdam and about one hundred fifty distinguished guests.
Speech by Mr Jan van Zanen, Mayor of Amstelveen
Video with highlights of the Celebration (duration: 12 min)
Gagaku, the ancient court music of Japan, can be heard only on celebratory occasions. The wind-instruments breathe in harmony with heaven and earth and the sound purifies the space. The gagaku trio (sho/ hichiriki/ ryuteki) consists of three professional musicians who live in Amsterdam and are performing together specially for this celebration. Naomi Sato: sho (Tokyo Japan 1975) composer/ saxophone/ sho Study: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music/ Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She performed with Nieuw Ensemble, Ives Ensemble, Aurelia Quartet, Krisztina de Chatel, Kodama; in Japan, Europe, America and Australia (more) Yu Oda: hichiriki (Ebina Japan 1983) composer/ hichiriki Study: California State University, Northridge/ Conservatorium van Amsterdam. His works have been performed by Asko/Schoenberg Ensemble, Cologne Gagaku Ensemble Nominated for Gaudeamus Prize 2011 (more) Daniel Smith: ryuteki (Santiago de Chile 1954) shakuhachi, taiko, ryuteki Study: Conservatory Santiago de Chile/ Conservatorium Den Haag. Member of Hanadon Taiko. Music teacher at Theaterschool Amsterdam.
30 Years Shinto in Europe In 1981 the Holland Yamakage Shinto Foundation was founded in Amsterdam. Between 1979 and1981 drs Paul de Leeuw studied at the Yamakage Shinto School Kireigu, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan. In April 1981 he returned to Holland with the official license to perform Shintoceremonies. In 1991 the Foundation built a Shinto shrine and dojo in the Vierwindenhuis, Amsterdam. After the celebration of the 400 Years Friendship between Japan and the Netherlands in 2000 the Foundation changed its name into Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation in order to emphasize the cultural exchange between both countries. Shinzen means: friendship. Thousands of people have come to the dojo and shrine and have experienced the energy of universal shinto. The Dutch Shinto-master has performed traditional Japanese ceremonies for Japanese companies all over Europe. Many Japanese families have found their way to the Shintoshrine in Holland to celebrate shichi-go-san, hatsumiyamairi and hatsumode. Since 2006 Hatsumode is celebrated in a temporary shrine in Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation wishes to express gratitude to: City Amstelveen/ Netherlands Japan Association/ Nihon no Hanga/ Gagaku Trio/ Netherlands Ikebana Association/ Yamakage Shinto Kireigu, Mizuho Saigu & Shibuya Saigu, for their great help and support to realize this celebration.